[Mauiusers] Maui failed in Simulation Mode

jayavant patil jayavant.patil82 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 01:46:22 MST 2011


   I am using Maui 2.3.6.I am running Maui in SIMULATION Mode but *it fails
to parse Workload trace for large jobs (which request more number of
processors e.g. above 500 procs) incorrectly.*

  When I removed such large jobs and then tried to run Maui in SIMULATION
mode, then it runs well.

  I am not getting why Maui parses workload trace for small jobs correctly
but fails to parse workload trace for large jobs incorrectly.

  I saw log file in which it is showing that it is parsing Job ID as Nodes
allocated to that job. What is the solution on this problem?

  Thanks in advance,

Jayavant N. Patil
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