[Mauiusers] Maui 3.3.1 Release

Brian Christiansen bchristiansen at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Mar 4 13:58:49 MST 2011

Maui Community,

A 3.3.1 branch has been created and is available for download at:


It can also be checked out from the subversion repository using: 

svn co svn://svn.adaptivecomputing.com/maui/branches/3.3.1

3.3.1 will be the new stable release and trunk will continue to be for new development and bug fixes. The 3.3.1 changes are found below. trunk's version has been changed to 3.3.2 to distinguish between the current release.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Maui 3.3.1
  - Fixed issue where hostlist was being overwritten resulting in broken $PBS_NODEFILE. (Alexis Cousein)
  - Fixed issue where users could set system priority on their own jobs. (Bas van der Vlies)
  - Made showgrid's, and other's, arguments case-insensitive. (David Chin)
  - Added build system changes to support Cygwin (Yauheni Charniauski, UIIP Minsk)
  - Added the --with-cygrunsrv configure option for start maui as Windows service (doesn't use a background daemon).
    Cygwin utility cygrunsrv.exe goes it into background independently (Igor Ilyenko, UIIP Minsk)
  - changed all remaining mallocs to callocs which zeros memory on allocation.  Fixes a crash due
    to the way some whiel loops in MResAdjustDRes() expect things to be. (Jason Williams)
  - Added proper memory allocation checks to accompany the callocs in MRes.c to avoid
    missing memory errors. (Jason Williams)
  - Added debug print messages to MUSNPrintF() and added a proper check of the return
    code to vsnprintf to be in accordance with glibc >=2.1, if installed. (Jason Williams)
  - Changed top-level Makefile BUILDROOT assignment to allow RPM builds (Jason Williams)
  - Minor changes to fix a few valgrind errors about uninitialized values (Jason Williams)
    which previously no-op'ed (Jason Williams)
  - Patch for 'showq -r' to show the correct values between 0 - 100 percent if NODEALLOCMAXPS is set
    to TRUE (Bas van der Vlies)
  - Added UseMachineSpeedForFS patch. (Robin Roth)
    "When using Fairshare it weights the Fairshareusage with the speed of
    the nodes used by the job. Up to now the nodespeed is only used to allow
    jobs to run longer, but with fairshare users on slower nodes are punished,
    as their fs-usage is higher than on fast nodes. Additionally this allows
    single nodes to be taken out of the fairshare-system by setting their speed
    to very low numbers."

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