[Mauiusers] Crash with Maui 3.3 (and 3.2.6p21) and Gold

Antony Cleave antony.cleave at clustervision.com
Wed Mar 2 10:56:11 MST 2011

Hi I've been trying to build Maui with Gold support for testing purposes 
but it crashes when trying to contact the Gold server (running on the 
same node).

the last output from the Maui log file with loglevel turned upto 9 is:

03/02 18:25:14 MS3DoCommand(allocation-manager,NULL,OBuf,ODE,SC,EMsg)
03/02 18:25:14 
03/02 18:25:14 INFO:     EM disabled
03/02 18:25:14 MSUConnect(S,TRUE,EMsg)
03/02 18:25:14 INFO:     trying to connect to (Port: 7112)
03/02 18:25:14 INFO:     successful connect to TCP server (sd: 13)
03/02 18:25:14 MSUSendData(S,15000000,FALSE,FALSE)
03/02 18:25:14 MSecGetChecksum(Buf,185,Checksum,HMAC64,CSKey)
03/02 18:25:14 
actor="root"><Request action="Query" 
name="Special">False</Where><Get name="Name"></Get><Get 
03/02 18:25:14 __MSecSHA1Init(context)
03/02 18:25:14 __MSecSHA1Transform(context)

and in the Gold Log file:

2011-03-02 18:25:14.901 TRACE Gold::Message::new  invoked with 
arguments: (connection => IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0xbe7930))
2011-03-02 18:25:14.902 TRACE Gold::Message::receiveChunk  invoked with 
arguments: ()
2011-03-02 18:25:14.915 ERROR Gold::Exception::new  Null connection 
  at /cm/shared/apps/gold/ line 306

After this the maui process dies and if I restart it the process 
repeats. Now I have seen previous posts which say that this is fixed by 
adding '-D__M64' to OSCCFLAGS in the makefile but I've checked and my 
makefile contains the following line line so I'm stumped:

export OSCCFLAGS=-g -O2 -D__M64

This is on a 64 bit vmware virtual machine if that makes any difference.

Any suggestions?


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