[Mauiusers] reserve resources in task geometry fashion

milind jagtap milindj85 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 08:27:57 MDT 2011


            I am using maui 3.2.6p21 version .we are having 16 processors
SMP nodes .
            a) I would like to  reserve nodes using setres but I would like
to reserve nodes in node + task geometry fashion.
                          For Ex:
                                       setres  Nodes=2:ppn=4

            b)When I tried to reserve number of cores using "setres" upto
tasks=16 ,it allocates exact no of tasks but for more than
            16 tasks . It doesnot allocate exact resource but more number of
tasks get reserved .

                                For Ex:
                                           1]   setres -r PROCS=1 TASKS==2

                                                 reservation " abcd.0"
created on 1 node:(2 tasks)

                                           2] setres -r PROCS=1 TASKS=17

                                                 reservation " abcd.0 "
created on 2 nodes:(32 tasks)

             The cases which are mentioned above ,how it can be achieved
using mentioned maui version(3.2.6p21) and if possible
         in any other versions of maui.
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