[Mauiusers] Too many property requests

Michel Béland michel.beland at rqchp.qc.ca
Thu Jun 30 10:04:31 MDT 2011


With Maui 3.3.1, I encountered a segmentation fault after I submitted a 
job requesting this:


Stepping through the code with gdb, I realized that MAX_MREQ_PER_JOB and 
probably MMAX_REQ_PER_JOB, in msched.h, needed to be increased for Maui 
to behave properly, otherwise there is an array overflow. For good 
measure I set both of them to 64, which I believe should work for all 
sensible use cases at our site.

What worries me though is that anybody can craft a job with as many 
property request as needed and make Maui crash. There is no test in Maui 
to prevent the array overflow. I think that this should be fixed...

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