[Mauiusers] FS advanced setup question

R. David david at unistra.fr
Sat Jun 18 23:37:54 MDT 2011


Le 1 juin 2011 à 14:54, Arnau Bria a écrit :

> Hi all,
> is there any way for setting a UNIX group into a QOS based on
> UNIXgroup+CLASS ?
> I.e:
> GROUPCFG[group1] CLASSCFG[gmedium_sl5]       FSTARGET=10   QDEF=qos1
> GROUPCFG[group2] CLASSCFG[glong_sl5]         FSTARGET=10   QDEF=qos2
> QOSCFG[qos1]        FSTARGET=10
> QOSCFG[qos2]          FSTARGET=90
> Anyone has some kind of similar conf in its cluster?
> any approach? 
We do this by using the 'and' logic on the QOS lists :
- At class level : CLASSCFG[private]      QLIST=qos1,qos2,qos3&    (This list will we and-ed with the qoqs coming from other credentials)
- In another class : CLASSCFG[public] QLIST=defaultqos^
- At Group level : GROUPCFG[mygroup] QDEF=qos1  QLIST=defaultqos,qos1&

Thus, when running a job in queue "private", mygroup will have qos1, and defaultqos in queue public

It generally works, but still sometimes maui gets mad about this and computes  the qos in an odd way.
	R. David

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