[Mauiusers] Torque causing maui to segfault

Andrus, Brian Contractor bdandrus at nps.edu
Mon Jan 31 11:11:03 MST 2011


I am using maui 3.3 which seems to be the latest.

Brian Andrus
ITACS/Research Computing
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, California

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Andrus, Brian Contractor wrote:
> I am finding that maui has been segfaulting lately.
> It does it as soon as it starts. I have tried running it in the 
> foreground with -d to watch, but no info is provided beyond 
> 'Segmentation Fault'
> As I troubleshoot, I have discovered that if I restart pbs_server,
> seems happy again and will run.. at least until an array job is 
> submitted. I haven't been able to test to see if there is a particular

> variable about an array job that affects things. I do know an array
> of 500 slots with nodes=1:ppn=1 does cause grief.
> Has anyone seen this or have any ideas?

What version of Maui are you running?  The version currently in the 
subversion trunk for maui has some fixes to a few memory problems I 
found that caused mysterious segmentation faults.  If you're not running

that version, I'd give it a try.

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