[Mauiusers] checkjob/releasehold and array jobs

Andrus, Brian Contractor bdandrus at nps.edu
Mon Jan 31 10:52:00 MST 2011

Ok, I have an array job in deferred status.

I can run checkjob on an individual job via:


checkjob 9831[1]


But I cannot release the hold on that job:

#releasehold -a 9831[1]


ERROR:    invalid job expression received (9831[1])



How do I deal with array jobs under maui?

I can run qrls on them, but it doesn't seem to affect their status (they
stay deferred).

I was able to forcibly run them with runjob, but I preferred to check
their status so the slot limits would apply.



Brian Andrus

ITACS/Research Computing

Naval Postgraduate School

Monterey, California


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