[Mauiusers] Question about more than one queue

Mahmood Naderan nt_mahmood at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 22 11:01:14 MST 2011

>please take look this link
>it talk about basic setup in torque and maui

Thanks. Actually by asking that question, I wanted to know is how to configure 
long and short jobs and that link explains how to prioritize.
// Naderan *Mahmood;

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please take look this link
it talk about basic setup in torque and maui

On 1/22/2011 7:55 AM, Mahmood Naderan wrote:
> Hi,
> If I have totally 30 nodes, can I make more that one queue and assign 30 nodes
> to each of them? Or I have to specify how many nodes are available to each
> queue. For example, the first queue is created by:
>  qmgr -c "set server scheduling=true"
> qmgr -c "create queue q1 queue_type=execution"
> qmgr -c "set queue q1 started=true"
> qmgr -c "set queue q1 enabled=true"
> qmgr -c "set queue q1 resources_default.nodes=1"
> qmgr -c "set queue q1 resources_default.walltime=3600"
> qmgr -c "set server default_queue=q1"
> qmgr -c "set server resources_available.nodect=30"
>  Then I create a nother queue by:
> qmgr -c "create queue q2 queue_type=execution"
> qmgr -c "set queue q2 started=true"
> qmgr -c "set queue q2 enabled=true"
> qmgr -c "set queue q2 resources_default.nodes=1"
> qmgr -c "set queue q2 resources_default.walltime=10000"
> qmgr -c "set server resources_available.nodect=30"
>  Is that configuration correct?
>  1- I submit 40 jobs to q1 and 10 jobs to q2. The result will be 10 jobs from 
> and 10 jobs from q2 are idle. Is that Right?
> 2- I submit 10 jobs to q2 and 40 jobs to q1. The result will be 20 jobs from 
> are idle. Is that Right?
>  Thanks,
> // Naderan *Mahmood;
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