[Mauiusers] jobs not running on correct node

Abhishek Gupta abhig at princeton.edu
Fri Jan 14 08:58:53 MST 2011

I made a test queue which looks like this:

create queue mygp
set queue mygp queue_type = Execution
set queue mygp max_queuable = 500
#set queue mygp acl_host_enable = False
set queue mygp resources_default.neednodes=np8
set queue mygp acl_group_enable = True
set queue mygp acl_groups = cms
set queue mygp enabled = True
set queue mygp started = True

Now, when I submit my job with '#PBS  -q mygp', instead of running my 
jobs on the nodes designated under 'np8', it just picks a random node 
and run my job on that.
The output of 'showconfig' does show that 'CLASSCFG[mygp]  
DEFAULT.FEATURES=[np8]'. So that means maui recognizes that for mygp 
queue, the jobs must run on 'np8'. But it's not happening.

Anyone having any idea about what might be going wrong?

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