[Mauiusers] effectively scheduling a heterogenous cluster

Jeff Anderson-Lee jonah at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Sep 3 11:29:14 MDT 2010

  We have been running Torque/Maui for some time on a cluster of 
identical resources: 20 nodes with 8-cores at 2.67GHz with 48GB each.   We 
are now adding 4 new nodes with 24-cores at 2.0GHz with 256GB each.  
Obviously large jobs will get routed to the new nodes, but how can we 
prioritize the queue for small jobs such that they (a) fill up the 
smaller/faster nodes first without (b) *preventing* them from using the 
larger/slower nodes if (i) the large nodes are available and (ii) there 
are no large jobs in the queue?


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