[Mauiusers] unexpected hostname expansion in HOSTLIST

Burkhard Bunk bunk at physik.hu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 29 06:12:14 MDT 2010


I'm using maui-3.3 to configure standing reservations,
using the HOSTLIST parameter:

# maui.cfg

There I discoverd by accident, that hostnames are always expanded:
each nodename is completed in all possible ways.
If I have "node1" and "node10", the specification of "node1" will always
include "node10" as well (and "node" will include all possible 

You can easily experiment with this "feature" on the command line:

 	setres node1

will display the list of affected nodes.

The Maui documentions doesn't mention this "feature" at all, AFAIK.

However, there is a discussion in the Moab Workload Manager
Administrator's Guide, part 12.1.4. The control characters mentioned there
don't seem to work for MAUI. They also mention a MOAB parameter 
"OBJECTELIST", which may be of some help, but the details are left as an
execise. Could this work for MAUI as well?

The simple problem remains: how to specify "node1" _only_, if other 
hostnames like "node10" are also around.

Best regards,
Burkhard Bunk.
  bunk at physik.hu-berlin.de      Physics Institute, Humboldt University
  fax:    ++49-30 2093 7628     Newtonstr. 15
  phone:  ++49-30 2093 7980     12489 Berlin, Germany

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