[Mauiusers] generic consumable ressources

Grid-Admins grid-admin at mpib-berlin.mpg.de
Tue Oct 26 03:52:56 MDT 2010

>> I am trying to figure out how to use GRES with our maui/torque setup.
>> What I found so far is that I should probably define the resource in
>> maui.cfg as:
>> NODECFG[name] GRES=resname:2
>> and request those with qsub as:
>> qsub -W x="GRES:resname"
>> but jobs submitted this way still get scheduled to all nodes available.
>> What am I missing here?
> We (and others) have been caught before running both maui _and_ pbs_sched by accident.  I think pbs_sched would ignore the gres and start the job anywhere - and whichever scheduler got in first would get to start the job.
> Otherwise, I can't help.  Good luck.
> Gareth

I made sure that no 2 schedulers are running at the same time. So 
unfortunately that is not the issue.

I am stuck with using properties in server_priv/nodes and submitting 
jobs with "-l nodes=1:property". At the moment this is an acceptable 
workaround since the property scales 1:1 to the processors. But once I 
need _1_ resource per machine and not per cpu this approach will not 
work any more.

qsub -W -x="GRES:resname" will just not work here. Does anyone have 
another idea what I might have missed?

Michael - LIP Grid Admins

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