[Mauiusers] Network Topoligy Aware Scheduling

Dr. Stephan Raub raub at uni-duesseldorf.de
Mon Oct 11 04:26:22 MDT 2010

Dear Maui users,

I have a general question on how to manage hierarchical topologies of
high-speed interconnects (e.g. InfiniBand) by Maui.

Consider some groups of nodes each of them connected to a network switch:
Nodes A_1,...,A_n may be connected to switch 'A', nodes B_1,...,B_n to
switch 'B',
nodes C_1,...,C_n to switch 'C' and nodes D_1,...,D_n to switch 'D'.

Switches 'A' and 'B' have some uplinks to a level-2 switch 'L' and switches
'C' and 'D' are connected to a level-2 switch 'K'.

Switches 'L' and 'K' could also have links to a top-level switch 'T'.

This is a very common setup for medium-sized compute clusters at
universities all around the world. However, gigantic fabric-switches
providing a full fat tree network are usually not within a university's

A parallel batch job should be placed on a set of nodes minimizing the
factor: as far as possible only nodes connected to the same low-level switch
should be chosen. Only if there is no other possibility the job should be
placed on nodes with interconnect path via one of the level-2 switches.
Above all the top-level switch should only be part of the network path if
the requested number of cores cannot be allocated otherwise.

Does the functionality of Maui allow such a sophisticated, hierarchical
network topology aware placement of jobs?

Thank you in advance for an answer.

Best regards.

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