[Mauiusers] blocked jobs never run

Roy Dragseth roy.dragseth at cc.uit.no
Thu Nov 25 01:33:16 MST 2010

On Thursday, November 25, 2010 02:26:57 William G Wichser wrote:
> They are given higher priorirty but because of the fact that they cannot
> fit, they go into mthe blocked state and never get scheduled.  I given
> wide jobs much higher weights.  But again, because there are not enough
> nodes ever available at one time, they sit blocked with less wide jobs
> keep getting scheduled due only to available cores.

With blocked, do you mean that they are in Idle state or Deferred state?   

I assume your jobs are Idle, that is, do the largest jobs stay on the top of 
the list when you do showq -i.  (If not, you have set some throttling policies 
in maui that prevent them from becoming eligible for scheduling.)

Have you set the RESERVATIONDEPTH in maui.cfg?

We have set


to make the three jobs with highest priority set reservations on nodes so they 
can build up resources over time until they are able to start.  Backfill makes 
it possible to fill in shorter jobs while the big jobs are waiting to start.


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