[Mauiusers] Reservations for GPUs

Dr. Henrik Schulz h.schulz at fzd.de
Thu Nov 11 00:01:06 MST 2010

Dear all,

in our cluster we have several nodes containing 2 GPUs and 8 CPU-cores. Since most of the jobs, which utilize the graphics cards, only need 1 CPU-core per GPU-job, we have some free CPU-cores while all GPUs of the node are used.

Is it possible (maybe using standing reservations) to have two queues for that:

- a queue "gpu" which provides 2 CPU-cores per node
- a queue "cpu" which provides the other 6 CPU-cores of the node.

The most important fact is that it must not be possible to allocate more than 6 CPU-cores in the queue "cpu" even if there is no GPU-job running on that node. The other way round it would be nice to be able to use more than 2 CPU-cores in the queue "gpu" if some of the other 6 cores are available.

Do You have any ideas to configure these two queues?

Thanks in advance!

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