[Mauiusers] node allocation order

Abhishek Gupta abhig at princeton.edu
Mon Mar 29 15:36:33 MDT 2010

Let me ask my question in more detail.
We want only a certain group to use node 1-7 and so if there is any job 
submitted, it should first look into remaining nodes, and then in case 
all the remaining nodes( other than 1-7 ) are in use, jobs can run on 
1-7 by the other users too.
nodes 1-7 are also different from rest of the nodes in terms of 
processors and other resources.
Could anyone suggest me know what would be the right approach to achieve 

Gus Correa wrote:
> Abhishek Gupta wrote:
>> H,
>> Can anyone tell me what is the order of node allocation? My node 
>> lists from 1-70 when scheduler has to allocate a node, it starts from 
>> bottom or top of the list? Can I change the order using any attribute?
>> Thanks,
>> Abhi.
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> I guess Torque picks the nodes in the reverse order they are listed.
> You may list your nodes backwards order in
> the wherever_torque_is_on_the_sever/nodes file.
> Gus Correa

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