[Mauiusers] Standing reservations claiming too many resources

Reinoud Bokhorst reinoud.bokhorst at bmtargoss.com
Wed Mar 24 09:58:25 MDT 2010

Dear all,
I have a problem with standing reservations claiming too many nodes after some time. 

I have 12 compute nodes with 8 processors each. Eight nodes have feature 'blade' defined, the remaining four don't. I want to make 2 daily standing reservations, reserving 4 complete 'blade' nodes, so 32 processors in total. This is my config:

  SRCFG[fc00]           STARTTIME=03:20:00 ENDTIME=06:45:00
  SRCFG[fc00]           QOSLIST=fc

  SRCFG[fc12]           STARTTIME=15:20:00 ENDTIME=17:45:00
  SRCFG[fc12]           QOSLIST=fc

So task count 4 and number of processors -1 (I have tried 8 as well).

When restarting Maui it looks okay, e.g. showres will show that 4 nodes and 32 processors have been reserved:

  ReservationID       Type S       Start         End    Duration    N/P    StartTime
  fc00.1.0            User -    11:37:33    15:02:33     3:25:00    4/32   Thu Mar 25 03:20:00
  fc12.0.0            User -   -00:00:09     2:02:33     2:02:42    4/32   Wed Mar 24 15:42:18
  fc12.1.0            User -    23:37:33  1:02:02:33     2:25:00    4/32   Thu Mar 25 15:20:00

It stays okay for about a day, then suddenly the (renewed) reservations will happily start claiming more nodes and processors then necessary, also nodes that don't have the 'blade' attribute. It may for example reserve 10 nodes and 80 processors.

This looks like a bug..

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