[Mauiusers] implementation of DEBITALLPE

Roy Dragseth roy.dragseth at cc.uit.no
Wed Mar 17 15:28:07 MDT 2010


(I sent this in April 2009, but it doesn't seem to have made it into the code 
so I'm trying again) 

Attached is a patch to implement the CHARGEPOLICY=DEBITALLPE flag in AMCFG.

It should work out of the box with FILE and QBANK accounting.  In gold you 
need the following to change from processor to PE accounting:

goldsh Attribute Create Object=Job Name=PE DataType=Float
goldsh ChargeRate Create Type=Resource Name=PE Rate=1.0
goldsh ChargeRate Modify Type==Resource Name==Processors Rate=0.0

The charge rates should then look something like:

goldsh ChargeRate Query

Type     Name       Rate Description
-------- ---------- ---- -----------
Resource PE         1
Resource Processors 0



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