[Mauiusers] soft and hard limits question

Arnau Bria arnaubria at pic.es
Mon Jun 28 09:29:08 MDT 2010

Hi all,

We'd like to implement hard/soft limit in our cluster.

Our farm is quite empty and some user from a minor experiment sent 300
jobs but his group had a limit of 50 PROCS.

Now, we'd like to let that user use 300 PROCS on this lightly farm load,
so I set something like:

GROUPCFG[group]     FSTARGET=10 QDEF=qos1 MAXPROC=50,300

*no MAXPROC Limits for qdef.

Now I have this scenario:

# qstat  -u nemo004|grep -c R
# qstat  -u nemo004|grep -c Q

but farm is still at 50%:

   905 Active Jobs     905 of 1788 Processors Active (50.62%)
                       221 of  224 Nodes Active      (98.66%)

That not what I've undestood from
so, could anyone explain me why not all the jobs are in R state?

Also, at checkjob's output:

job cannot run in partition DEFAULT.  (job 10930203 violates active SOFT MAXPROC limit of 50 for group group  (R: 1, U: 121)
what's the meaning of R: 1 U:121?
*U:121 are runnign jobs by user?


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