[Mauiusers] FSCAP

Vaibhav Pol vaibhavp at cdac.in
Thu Jun 24 09:29:57 MDT 2010

  Dear All ,

        My FSCAP parameter is not working  , maui not  able to block users jobs
        below is my fairshare parameter from maui.cfg file.

 	FSDEPTH               4
 	FSINTERVAL            00:4:00
 	FSDECAY               1.0
 	FSCAP                 10.0

 	FSWEIGHT                       100
 	FSUSERWEIGHT                   50

 	USERCFG[test1]      FSTARGET=25.0
 	USERCFG[test2]      FSTARGET=75.0

     As per my understanding
if( fairshare target - fairshare usage ) >= 10(i.e fscap)
it will block the respective user job but this is not working .  maui
not  blocking users jobs.

If i am wrong can anybody explain me about fscap and how it use .
Currently i am using maui 3.2.6p21.

  Thanks and regards,
  Vaibhav Pol
  National PARAM Supercomputing Facility
  Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

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