[Mauiusers] fairshare policy

Vaibhav Pol vaibhavp at cdac.in
Wed Jun 23 23:23:48 MDT 2010

   Dear All,

        I setup fairshare policy on cluster.This is my maui.cfg fairshare 
policy setting.

            FSPOLICY              DEDICATEDPES
 	   FSDEPTH               4
            FSINTERVAL            00:00:20:00
            FSDECAY               1.0

            FSWEIGHT                       100
            FSUSERWEIGHT                   10
            FSGROUPWEIGHT                  20
            FSACCOUNTWEIGHT                30
            FSQOSWEIGHT                    40
            FSCLASSWEIGHT                  0

            USERCFG[test1]      FSTARGET=50.0
            USERCFG[test2]      FSTARGET=50.0

I want to know that when maui set the jobs priority on the basis of 
fairshare. From document as per my understanding it will decide after the 
timeframe i.e FSINTERVAL * FSDEPTH. Is that right . If this is right this 
mean when i setup policy first time on cluster for first timeframe it will 
not set jobs priority it just collect the historical data.

second thing is what will happen if i setup fairshare policy first time 
and some jobs in the queue and some jobs are running and jobs which are 
running they already cross the target .

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