[Mauiusers] Maui checksum key question

andy thomas andy at ic.ac.uk
Fri Jun 4 06:46:40 MDT 2010

On Thu, 3 Jun 2010, Garrick Staples wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 03, 2010 at 06:19:40PM +0100, andy thomas alleged:
>> I built maui-3.2.6p21 on a Red Hat 5 Linux system and then pushed it out
>> to a cluster of identical machines, with one machine as the maui
>> scheduling server, and this all works fine. Then I did the same with a
>> FreeBSD 7.1 system, and this worked fine with one FreeBSD machine as the
>> scheduling server and another as the client.
>> Now I want to use the FreeBSD server as the maui scheduling server for the
>> Red Hat machines as well but I get the 'ALERT:  checksum does not match'
>> if I run any maui command on the Red Hat systems. I need to build a new
>> maui-3.3 anyway as David Chin on this list has already pointed problems
>> with maui-3.2.6p21 on 64-bit machines - should I just include a configure
>> option something like this when I come to build the new Linux & FreeBSD
>> maui packages:
>>  	--with-key=6582230479223678544
>> with the integer string the same for both operating systems? And what is
>> the maximum or minimum length for this integer?
> It's just a pre-processor define to any valid C string.
> $ grep -r MBUILD_SKEY .
> ./include/moab-local.h.in:#define MBUILD_SKEY    "@SEED@"
> ./include/moab-local.h:#define MBUILD_SKEY    "9308"
> ./src/moab/MGUtil.c:      strncpy(KeyBuf,MBUILD_SKEY,MAX_MNAME);

Thanks for this - after adding in a test for FreeBSD to set OS and __OPSYS 
(this is still missing in the latest version of the configure script) and 
running configure, I found that MBUILD_SKEY in my ./include/moab-local.h 
was empty so I put in the same 5 digit integer as the Linux maui build 
apparently chose at random for 3.2.6p21 and everything now interoperates 

Now to build 3.3 for Linux with the same pre-configured key.

cheers, Andy

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