[Mauiusers] Spreading jobs across empty nodes.

Lawrence Sorrillo sorrillo at jlab.org
Fri Jul 30 14:27:54 MDT 2010


I am experiencing a problem like the following:

We have a setup where 5 serial jobs are allowed on each node of 4 nodes 
(node1,node2,node3,node4). When Maui schedules jobs it files up each 
node's task allotment job in turn before
moving to fill the other node.

For example:  Lets suppose we have 20 jobs in the queue and all the 
nodes are free of any jobs.  Maui will fill up node1 with 5 jobs and 
ONLY then migrate to node2 which it
fills up with another 5 jobs and then starts scheduling jobs on node3.

I want to elicit a different behavior. I want Maui to spread jobs across 
each node. So that job1 is scheduled to node1, job2 is scheduled to 
node2.., job4 is scheduled to
node4 and job5 is scheduled to node1 again. Hope you get the picture...

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

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