[Mauiusers] Regarding SIMJOBSUBMISSIONPOLICY in maui

Jim Prewett download at hpc.unm.edu
Thu Jul 29 11:18:28 MDT 2010

Hi Vikas,

Try setting 'SIMTIMEPOLICY' to 'REAL'.

When I'm doing simulations, I generally use the following settings:

SIMRESOURCETRACEFILE  traces/tracefile # this should be your resource 
                                       # trace file
SIMWORKLOADTRACEFILE  traces/jobfile   # this should be your workload
                                       # trace file
SIMTIMEPOLICY         REAL             # use the times from the workload
                                       # trace file
SIMFLAGS              IGNHOSTLIST      # ignore the hostlist from the 
                                       # workload trace file


FWIW, I can't find documentation for the SIMTIMEPOLICY setting *anywhere* 
(I found it by reading the source code!), but I've found it seems to do 
the trick.  I also found (some time ago) mentions to some library that 
could be used to enable this, but couldn't find that library!  However, I 
don't think its actually needed provided you set the SIMTIMEPOLICY to 

P.S. I'm not /entirely/ certain that this works correctly!
P.P.S. Assuming I *am* correct here, does anyone in control of the 
documentation want to add this to the Maui docs?

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On Thu, 29 Jul 2010, Vikas Ashok Patil wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am trying to run maui in a simulated environment and I am using some old
> workload trace. I see that if I run the workload with maui with default
> submission times of the workload are not respected. If I set the
> SIMJOBSUBMISSIONPOLICY to NORMAL , I get an ALERT in the log , but again the
> job submission times are not respected.
> Please let me know what I can do to overcome this problem.
> Thanks,
> vikasap

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