[Mauiusers] Maui Developer Public(-ish) SVN Commit Access

Jason Williams jasonw at jhu.edu
Thu Jul 22 15:18:57 MDT 2010

Hello Fellow Maui Users,

Brian at Adaptive Computing sent out an email about this back in Feb.


But I thought it was worth it to reiterate it, since he told me I was 
the first person to request it.

For those of you out there that would like to contribute to Maui and 
help do some coding, Adaptive Computing has opened up SVN access to the 
world.  Those out there that wish to contribute code/patches/etc. to the 
Maui SVN Trunk can do so by requesting check-in rights. This can be done 
by sending email to maui at adaptivecomputing.com. Please state your name, 
organization, and intent. Rights will be given on a per-individual basis 
at our discretion. Patches may still be provided to Adaptive Computing 
for review and application.

I have received check-in access to trunk already and have submitted one 
SYSTEMMAXPROCSECONDPERJOB.  If you would like to contribute I highly 
suggest that you submit a request to get commit access.  I hear that if 
they get enough community interest and check-in access requests they may 
even spool up a Bugzilla server for us to tack the process of the 
project and people's bugs/feature requests, but don't quote me on that.

As a foot note, it looks like Brian is the guy that is taking care of 
the SVN portal. [A big thanks to you, Brian, and all those at Adaptive 
for this.]  And since Brian is also seemingly a very busy guy, it might 
take a day or two for him to respond.  But, IMHO, quite worth it to Maui 
and it's community of users.

Jason Williams
Systems Administrator
Johns Hopkins University
Physics and Astronomy Department

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