[Mauiusers] fairshare in maui

Jan Svec svecj at fzu.cz
Tue Jul 20 05:55:36 MDT 2010


I have moved from PBSPro to Torque/Maui and now I am a bit confused with
fairshare configuration. In PBSPro, fairshare entities (users, groups,
queues) were organized in tree structure. It means that I could do
something like this - 50% of resources is dedicated to people from
experiment A, 50% is dedcated to people from experiment B. Experiment A
is divided to subgroups AA, BB, CC. AA can use 10% of A, BB can use 30%
of A and CC can use 60% of A. Of course if somebody is not using
resources, they are available to other groups.
Is there some way, how to achieve this in maui?

Thank You,

Jan Svec
FZU AV CR, Prague

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