[Mauiusers] preemptor job holds up the rest of the system

Bill Wichser bill at Princeton.EDU
Tue Jan 12 12:46:36 MST 2010

We've been running Maui/Torque for quite a few years here.  On our 
latest cluster there has been a need to start using preemptive queues 
(classes).  This has done fine except for a problem we had when setting 
a system reservation.

So a system reservation was set across the entire cluster.  Normally, on 
  clusters without preemptive scheduling, jobs exceeding the wallclock 
time will block, allowing other shorter jobs to backfill in.

When using a preemptive class, when a job exceeeds available wallclock 
time, it remains in the IDLE state preventing other backfill jobs from 
running.  Yes, these other jobs are preemptee class.

Manually placing the overruns on hold allows these other jobs to get 

Am I simply missing something in the configuration?  Or is this the 
expected behavior when using preemptor/preemptee classes/QOS?


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