[Mauiusers] possible overflow patch

Denis Pynkin d4s at d4s.net.ru
Fri Feb 19 15:55:00 MST 2010


Not sure if this list is the right address to send patches - sorry for inconvenience.

During the building process I have the problem listed below.
Patch to fix is in attach.

x86_64-alt-linux-gcc -I../../include/ -I/var/spool/maui/include      -D__LINUX   -D__MPBS       -pipe -Wall -O2 -D__M64  -c MSR.c                                                                       
In file included from /usr/include/string.h:658,                                                    
                 from ../../include/msched-common.h:122,                                            
                 from ../../include/msched.h:131,                                                   
                 from ../../include/moab.h:663,                                                     
                 from MSR.c:111:                                                                    
In function 'memset',                                                                               
    inlined from 'MSRProcessOConfig' at MSR.c:2819:                                                 
/usr/include/bits/string3.h:86: error: call to __builtin___memset_chk will always overflow destination buffer 

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