[Mauiusers] confused about standing reservations

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Mon Feb 15 11:01:07 MST 2010

    Douglas> Can you modify your reservation to use SRCFG[] rather than the
    Douglas> older SR* parameters?

Sorry, I'm just getting back around to this.  I am trying to convert things
now.  Most of it is straightforward, but I am further confused about time
limits.  (Maybe that is the seed of my original problems.)  Consider this
not-yet-rewritten reservation:

    SRSTARTTIME[userver171]     07:00:00 
    SRENDTIME[userver171]       16:00:00 
    SRPERIOD[userver171]        DAY 
    SRDAYS[userver171]          MON TUE WED THU FRI 
    SRHOSTLIST[userver171]      userver171
    SROWNER[userver171]         USER:kim 
    SRMAXTIME[userver171]       5:00:00 

If I understand correctly from reading the TIMELIMIT description the
SRMAXTIME would have allowed anybody to use up to 5 hours of time during
Kim's standing reservation.  Is that right?  My original flawed intent was
to allow jobs outside the standing reservation period to use up to 5 hours
of CPU time.

So, I want Kim to have full access from 7am to 4pm and for nobody else's
jobs to be started during that time (it's ok if a job is started before but
complete during the reservation period).  Further, outside the reservation
period I want to allow jobs to consume a maximum of 5 hours of CPU time.
How do I spell that?  My first guess would be to define three reservations
to cover the entire 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Something like this:

    # Weekdays - Kim gets exclusive use
    SRCFG[userver171]     STARTTIME=07:00:00 ENDTIME=16:00:00 
    SRCFG[userver171]     PERIOD=DAY 
    SRCFG[userver171]     DAYS=MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI 
    SRCFG[userver171]     HOSTLIST=userver171
    SRCFG[userver171]     OWNER=USER:kim 

    # Off hours weekdays - as above, except
    SRCFG[userver171]     STARTTIME=16:00:00 ENDTIME=07:00:00 
    SRCFG[userver171]     TIMELIMIT=5:00:00 

    # Weekends - as above, except
    SRCFG[userver171]     STARTTIME=00:00:00 ENDTIME=23:59:59
    SRCFG[userver171]     DAYS=SAT,SUN

What I'm really after is a single queue (simpler user interface) with some
nodes having different properties at different times of the day or week
(established via config).  Users should be able to submit jobs at any time
and "admin" (that would be me) shouldn't have to tweak node properties
on-the-fly to satisfy demands of the interactive use of the nodes.

Is there a tutorial on Maui configuration somewhere?  I can't seem to find a
discussion of how this stuff works in the user or admin guides, though it
must be buried in there somewhere.


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