[Mauiusers] changing queuing (e.g. MAXIPROCS) parameters safely

Garrick garrick at usc.edu
Sun Feb 14 20:37:04 MST 2010

Restart the daemon all you want. It doesn't hurt anything.

You can also use changeparam to test changes without editing Maui.cfg.

HPCC/Linux Systems Admin

On Feb 14, 2010, at 12:48 PM, Jeff Anderson-Lee  
<jonah at eecs.berkeley.edu> wrote:

> I have a Maui scheduler running and some users with executing jobs,  
> but
> the configuration parameters are not quite right and users are not  
> able
> to queue idle jobs.  Can I change the scheduling parameters to add the
> following without disturbing the currently executing jobs:
> If I change maui.cfg and then run "schedctl -s ; sleep 5 ; schedctl - 
> r"
> would that so the trick?
> Thanks.
> Jeff Anderson-Lee
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