[Mauiusers] enforcing usage of fairshares and mapping unix groups to fairshares

Sabuj Pattanayek sabujp at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 11:41:45 MST 2010

> If my primary group is "group1" and I submit a job it uses the
> "group1_acct" fairshare, or if my primary group is neither "group1"
> nor "group2", then it also uses the "group1_acct", which shows that
> ADEF is working. However, I can also do "qsub -A group2_acct job.pbs"
> and the scheduler will run that job using the "group2_acct" fairshare,
> even if I am not a member of "group2" (as my primary or secondary
> group). This shows that ENFORCEACCOUNTACCESS and ALIST aren't doing
> anything.

So if there's nothing to block users from using whatever fairshare
they want, I propose a new parameter:


or something similar which ignores the "qsub -A" argument if passed in
by the user when submitting a job.

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