[Mauiusers] confused about standing reservations

Tom Rudwick tomr at intrinsity.com
Wed Feb 3 16:17:31 MST 2010

I recommend not using standing reservations. We found them to be buggy and
unreliable. I recommend using cron jobs to create regular reservations.


skip at pobox.com wrote:
> I'm trying to use standing reservations (Maui 3.2.6p21) to avoid running
> jobs on certain nodes during work hours.  For example:
>     SRSTARTTIME[userver171]     07:00:00
>     SRENDTIME[userver171]       16:00:00
>     SRPERIOD[userver171]        DAY
>     SRDAYS[userver171]          MON TUE WED THU FRI
>     SRHOSTLIST[userver171]      userver171
>     SROWNER[userver171]         USER:kim
>     SRMAXTIME[userver171]       5:00:00
> I interpreted the above to mean that on weekdays jobs can only be run on
> userver171 by Kim between 07:00 and 16:00.
> This doesn't seem to work.  Jobs continue to be placed on that machine
> during the reserved period.
> Is the assignment of jobs to nodes done dynamically or at the time of job
> submission? 
> Thanks,

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