[Mauiusers] node attributes / resource specification

Douglas McNab d.mcnab at physics.gla.ac.uk
Wed Feb 3 03:16:07 MST 2010


I wonder if anyone knows if its possible within MAUI to specify a node
attribute on a node for example 'available for MPI' but when there are no
MPI jobs in the system that it starts up normal jobs.  Then when an MPI job
comes in requesting all the cores on the MPI node that it drains out the MPI
node and runs the MPI job on the 'available for MPI' .

I ask because we have shared cluster and only a few MPI jobs will be
submitted.  So I wanted to nominate a few nodes with better interconnects
and allow then to be MPI specific but also be available to the main cluster
when not in use.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


ScotGrid, Room 481, Kelvin Building, University of Glasgow
tel: +44(0)141 330 6439
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