[Mauiusers] priority/reservation setting for jobs

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Wed Dec 8 16:33:58 MST 2010

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> Hi,
> I need some help to make the maui configuration work something like this:
> We have few nodes that we want to reserve for a group say 'X'. Now when
> no user from group 'X' has made a request to run their jobs, any user
> can run their jobs on the reserved nodes, but as soon as any user from
> group 'X' submits a job, no other job in the queue should go to the
> reserved nodes and as soon as resources requested are free on the node,
> the job from the user from group 'X' start running on the reserved nodes.
> Cold someone has any idea what need to be done in the configuration file
> to get this? In case this configuration is not possible, can it be done
> manually so that on a request, we could reserve some nodes?
> Thanks,
> Abhi.

Hi Abhi,

We don't quite do what you want but this setup may be OK for you.

Create a standing reservation on the nodes that allows either jobs from group 'X' _or_ jobs under a particular walltime limit.  That way the nodes can free up for group X within the given walltime.  Tune that walltime limit to be acceptable to your community.

Adding priority is a bit trickier.  You might not want group 'X' to have a global higher priority (though that would be an option).  You could add a queue 'Y' with an acl such that it is only accessible by group 'X' and have a priority on the queue (that is the class in maui).  If you want to make the class only use the reserved nodes you would need additional settings.

-- Gareth

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