[Mauiusers] priority/reservation setting for jobs

Abhishek Gupta abhig at princeton.edu
Tue Dec 7 15:29:34 MST 2010

I need some help to make the maui configuration work something like this:
We have few nodes that we want to reserve for a group say 'X'. Now when 
no user from group 'X' has made a request to run their jobs, any user 
can run their jobs on the reserved nodes, but as soon as any user from 
group 'X' submits a job, no other job in the queue should go to the 
reserved nodes and as soon as resources requested are free on the node, 
the job from the user from group 'X' start running on the reserved nodes.
Cold someone has any idea what need to be done in the configuration file 
to get this? In case this configuration is not possible, can it be done 
manually so that on a request, we could reserve some nodes?

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