[Mauiusers] procs mostly useless?

Andrus, Brian Contractor bdandrus at nps.edu
Fri Dec 3 02:48:22 MST 2010

Ok, using maui/torque latest versions
when I submit a job using 
qsub  -l procs=16
I do see from qstat -f:
    Resource_List.procs = 16
BUT, there is nothing in the environment of the job that mentions even the number '16'
Also, mpirun (from a torque-aware openmpi) does not see more than one processor to run on
AND the PBS_NODES file only contains 1 line with a single node
so what good is that option beyond possibly setting aside a resource perhaps on systems the job itself won't be run on?
I would expect at a minimum the PBS_NODES file would have 'procs' number of entries.
Brian Andrus
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