[Mauiusers] preemptee

Bill Wichser bill at Princeton.EDU
Tue Apr 27 08:00:08 MDT 2010

I asked:

I am seeing the case where a job with flags:
Flags:       PREEMPTEE

but with the non-requeue flag set when submitted (#PBS -r n) is not
preempted when the preemptor comes along.  It seems that because the job
cannot be restarted, it is skipped as a suitable candidate.

Apparently my users have found this as well!

Is there a way to tell maui that you just don't care?  And kill it off,
just like I want it to be killed?

and apparently this is indeed the case.  Torque will not requeue a job 
marked as requeable.  This is fine as this is up to Maui to deal with I 
suppose.  But a user who willingly submits a job to a preemptable queue 
(class) better damn well be accepting of having that job killed!

And so in ./moab/MPBSI.c, in the routine MPBSJobRequeue, when the 
failure is returned from Torque in pbs_rerunjob, I have added the code 
to call pbs_deljob which kills the job.


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