[Mauiusers] adjust priorities based on group usage

Steve Young chemadm at hamilton.edu
Thu Apr 22 13:49:48 MDT 2010

	I'm trying to devise a solution with maui 3.3 in order to support a  
requirement to balance out resources by groups over a class (queue).  
We have a few different queue's bound to certain sets of resources.  
Our newest cluster (288 cores) is shared between 4 different groups.  
I'm trying to figure out how to have priority figured out so that this  
new cluster would give a higher priority to the groups that are using  
it the least. So for example, two groups are using the cluster... each  
group should be allowed to utilize 50% of the resources of this queue.  
As soon, as a third or fourth group starts using the resources they  
would end up being highest priority until the percentages balanced out  
to 33% or 25% (3 or 4 groups). My first thought is to try something  
like UPROCWEIGHT and set it to a negative number (-1) so that a  
person's priority should go down if they are using lots of processors  
already. However, this would seem to be a user based approach and  
wouldn't help in keeping the balance between groups. Perhaps, if there  
were a GPROCWEIGHT that would be what I am looking for.
	Also, as I mentioned before we have one central queue system with  
many queue's of different resources. In the previous paragraph I  
explained how we want to balance one of the clusters (queue) between 4  
groups. However, I don't want to come up with this scenario and have  
it apply to the whole grid. There are other queue's (clusters) that  
belong to only one group so I would only want that group to be able to  
utilize all of those resources without having it effect the balancing  
of the queue with the shared resources (of 4 groups).
	At any rate I hope I make some sense here ;-)... I'm looking for any  
suggestions on how I can accomplish something like this or how other  
places have implemented this. Thanks in advance for any advise!


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