[Mauiusers] Fairshare priorities

Philip Peartree p.peartree at postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Thu Apr 22 07:47:42 MDT 2010

I have set up a fairshare system with the target user percentage as 12.5.
Running diagnose -p on the idle jobs in the queue gives this output:

diagnosing job priority information (partition: ALL)

Job                    PRIORITY*     FS( User)  Serv(QTime)
             Weights   --------     200(   25)   150(   25)

35509                    321750     0.0(  0.0) 100.0(32175)
35510                    318188     0.0(  0.0) 100.0(31818)

Percent Contribution   --------     0.0(  0.0) 100.0(100.0)

* indicates system prio set on job

I know it's fairly uncomplex, but I don't understand why the FS column and
User column show 0.0 for both jobs, the current Fairshare percentage of the
user is 12.9%. I'm probably misunderstanding something, but if anyone could
point this out to me I would be grateful.

Philip Peartree
University of Manchester
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