[Mauiusers] Maui Ignores Consumable Resources

Xin WANG wangxin at pmo.ac.cn
Sun Apr 18 21:31:59 MDT 2010


I am tring to use Maui+Torque on a PC Cluster with GPU.
According to the Maui Admin Manual, I took gpu as a consubable resource 
and just configured Maui with

NODECFG[node50] GRES=gpu:1

and checknode returns as the follows:

Configured Resources: PROCS: 4 MEM: 15G SWAP: 19G DISK: 1M gpu: 1
Utilized Resources: gpu: 1

Then I submited a job with

qsub -l gres=gpu:1

The Maui ignored the gpu and the job was running on the node without gpu.

Do I miss something in configuration?


Thanks in advance!


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