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Mon Apr 12 23:00:23 MDT 2010


I am trying to explore features of slurm with maui integration.

slurm : slurm-2.0.7
maui : maui-3.3

I am using srun to submit a job on specific partition(computex).
*srun --ntasks=2 --partition=computex ./job1_300*

1 > Is this correct way to submit job using srun ?

Job is scheduled well using maui  and working fine.

2>  I am facing problem to create own class/queue in maui and put constraint
on it,like MAXJOB=1.

[As i understood we need to map slurm partition with maui class/ queues.]

so I modified maui.cfg with

*CLASSCFG[queue1]      PLIST=computex MAXJOB=1*

*mdiag -c output*
*queue1                    0 [NONE]       [NONE]             [NONE]
[computex]            0.00  MAXJOB=0:1*

While submitting multiple jobs on same partition, it still simultaneously
runs multiple job on same partition , which is wrong behaviour.

If i add
NODECFG[computenode] PARTITION=computex MAXJOB=1

It does not allow user to run multiple job on "computenode"
simultaneously.which is correct behaviour.I mean policies on class is not
working fine but it works fine with node.[Note :  No error messages in

How to(command) see the name of queue/class where my job is running?

Please let me know if i am doing mistake at any place.

3> I am planning to create multiple queues and map with different partitions
on slurm and creating different  policies for each queues. Is this possible
to do with maui slurm integration?

will appreciate your quick reply.

With regards,
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