[Mauiusers] Limit the number of procs per job.

Alexis Cousein al at sgi.com
Mon Apr 12 17:06:34 MDT 2010

Andre Gauthier wrote:
> Hi we are migrating from PBSpro to Torque/Maui. We would like to limit
> the the number of procs per job, not per user or queue.   In PBSpro's
> resource manager pbs_server (torque equivalent) for example we  have:
> "set queue small resources_max.ncpus = 32"  

That still works, given it's a *server side* feature that was in
OpenPBS before the PBSPro vs. Torque fork of successors
to OpenPBS occurred.

In other words, it's got nothing to do with Maui (which merely decides
what jobs to run or not, and not how the server routes jobs to
queues when they're submitted).

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