[Mauiusers] maui-3.2.6p21: MAXWC in seconds only ??

Chris Hunter chris.hunter at yale.edu
Thu Apr 8 14:58:26 MDT 2010

We are using torque-2.3.7 and maui-3.2.6p21. We have been testing 
throttling policies.

I want to add a default per-user walltime limit to our maui.cfg eg)

ie. a 1 week walltime limit

However using the command "diagnose -u DEFAULT" command, this limit is 
interpreted as MAXWC=168 (seconds). If I use a value in seconds 
MAXWC=604800 instead of hours, it works as expected!

The examples in section 6.2 of the maui admin manual all use 
[[[DDD:]HH:]MM:]SS syntax for specifying walltime. Indeed other 
parameters in the maui.cfg file (eg. RMPOLLINTERVAL) use 
[[DDD:]HH:]MM:]SS syntax. Why is this not working for the MAXWC 
parameter ? Do I need to add quotes or some other escape character ? Is 
there another setting I need to enable for maui to accept 
[[DDD:]HH:]MM:]SS values ?


Chris Hunter
chris.hunter at yale.edu

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