[Mauiusers] Maui starting jobs despite standing reservations

Tom Rudwick tomr at intrinsity.com
Thu Sep 3 14:33:11 MDT 2009

I recommend replacing your standing reservations with a combination
of cron jobs and regular reservations.

The standing reservations do not work right.

Here are our desktop reservations: (in crontab format)
0 7 * * mon /usr/bin/setres -n desktop -f desktop -r 
"PROCS=1;MEM=1000mb" -s +02:00:00:00 -e +02:14:00:00 ALL
0 7 * * tue /usr/bin/setres -n desktop -f desktop -r 
"PROCS=1;MEM=1000mb" -s +02:00:00:00 -e +02:14:00:00 ALL
0 7 * * wed /usr/bin/setres -n desktop -f desktop -r 
"PROCS=1;MEM=1000mb" -s +02:00:00:00 -e +02:14:00:00 ALL
0 7 * * thu /usr/bin/setres -n desktop -f desktop -r 
"PROCS=1;MEM=1000mb" -s +04:00:00:00 -e +04:14:00:00 ALL
0 7 * * fri /usr/bin/setres -n desktop -f desktop -r 
"PROCS=1;MEM=1000mb" -s +04:00:00:00 -e +04:14:00:00 ALL

They create regular reservations two days in advance so there is
always at least one reservation in the future. That solves your
weekend problem.

We've been very happy with the cron jobs. We were miserable with
standing reservations.


Matthias Lein wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I have two issues with our maui installation (maui-3.2.6p21 and
> torque-2.1.11, both compiled from scratch running on an Ubuntu
> system).
> We have a setup where all available machines are in the queueing
> system but only dedicated computer-servers are running calculations
> all the time. Desktop machines (with users in front of them) are
> available for calculations only after-hours and on weekends (with the
> exception of jobs run by the user of the desktop).
> I implemented this setup through statements like:
> NODECFG[machine1]         MAXLOAD=1.8
> SRCFG[machine1]            USERLIST=user1
> SRCFG[machine1]            OWNER=USER:user1
> SRCFG[machine1]            HOSTLIST=boron
> SRCFG[machine1]            STARTTIME=9:00:00 ENDTIME=18:00:00
> SRCFG[machine1]            ACCESS=shared
> in maui.cfg. This works very well - in principle. However there are
> two situations where maui doesn't get it right.
> 1) The maui process is restarted.
> When I restart maui for some reason it completely ignores all
> reservations right after startup, only after some time has passed the
> configuration works as expected. This often causes desktop machines to
> start calculations even though they should be kept available for the
> user actually sitting in front of it.
> At the moment my work around id to disable the queue in torque and
> re-enabling it after maui has run for a couple of minutes - works fine
> but is not very convenient.
> 2) Weekends.
> Sometimes maui will start jobs on Friday evenings (Fri, 6pm - see
> configuration above) that actually run longer than Monday 9am. This,
> of course, causes users to find a job running on 'their' machine when
> they return after the weekend. I have not yet found a way to fix this.
> I suspect it might be a problem of maui's 'horizon' - It might not
> know on a Friday night what is supposed to happen on the next Monday
> morning.
> Any suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Matthias

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