[Mauiusers] maui bug triggered when changing node requirements

Kenneth Yoshimoto kenneth at sdsc.edu
Fri Oct 23 13:32:30 MDT 2009

The fix I prefer is disabling qalter for users.  Changing
job characteristics after submit time is a horrible thing to
do to any scheduler.  It's about as easy and more fair overall
to have the user submit a new job with the desired feature
request and cancel the old job.


On Fri, 23 Oct 2009, Jan Lindheim wrote:

> Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:26:50 -0700
> From: Jan Lindheim <lindheim at cacr.caltech.edu>
> To: mauiusers at supercluster.org
> Subject: [Mauiusers] maui bug triggered when changing node requirements
> We have run into what looks like a maui bug:
> We have used the following tagging for our two types of compute nodes:
>  core4: node with a total of 4 CPU cores
>  core8: node with a total of 8 CPU cores
> If a user submits a job like:
>   qsub -l nodes=64:core4+16:core8 -l walltime=4:00:00 jobscript
> and later finds that many core8 nodes have become available, they
> may want to alter the node requirements by doing something like:
>  qalter -l nodes=32:core4+32:core8
> to get the job to start sooner.
> (Will give the user the same amount of CPU cores as the original job submission.)
> Maui does not seem to update the requirements properly and the job just gets
> stuck.  A restart of maui will help maui get the information correctly, but
> this is not a good work-around.
> Regards,
> Jan Lindheim
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