[Mauiusers] maui bug triggered when changing node requirements

Jan Lindheim lindheim at cacr.caltech.edu
Fri Oct 23 13:26:50 MDT 2009

We have run into what looks like a maui bug:

We have used the following tagging for our two types of compute nodes:
  core4: node with a total of 4 CPU cores
  core8: node with a total of 8 CPU cores

If a user submits a job like:
   qsub -l nodes=64:core4+16:core8 -l walltime=4:00:00 jobscript
and later finds that many core8 nodes have become available, they
may want to alter the node requirements by doing something like:
  qalter -l nodes=32:core4+32:core8
to get the job to start sooner.
(Will give the user the same amount of CPU cores as the original job submission.)

Maui does not seem to update the requirements properly and the job just gets
stuck.  A restart of maui will help maui get the information correctly, but
this is not a good work-around.

Jan Lindheim

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