[Mauiusers] using standing reservation to set job limit of 12 hours for Mon-Fri

Jan Lindheim lindheim at cacr.caltech.edu
Wed Oct 21 14:24:52 MDT 2009

We have been using queues to control when long weekend jobs (12-24 hours)
are allowed to run.  The problem with this is having cron controlling
when this queue gets started and stopped.  Also it does not take into
consideration that there is enough time to have f.ex. a 15 hour long
job finish before 8am Monday morning when being launched on an early
Sunday afternoon.

Having maui controlling this seems more elegant, but using a standing
reservation for this, does not seem to behave like documented.

Following one of the examples at:

I would have expected that I could have a time limit of 12 hours for jobs
running on weekdays and allow 24 hours on weekends by doing the following:

SRCFG[weekday] HOSTLIST=shc*
SRCFG[weekday] STARTTIME=1:08:00:00
SRCFG[weekday] ENDTIME=5:16:00:00
SRCFG[weekday] TIMELIMIT=12:00:00

>From the documentation, this should have a 12 hour job limit from
Monday at 8:00 to Friday 16:00.  When restarting maui with these
settings, I get:

# showres

ReservationID       Type S       Start         End    Duration    N/P    StartTime

weekday.0.0         User -    00:00:00  3:11:12:24  3:11:12:24    3/3    Wed Oct 21 12:47:36
weekday.1.0         User -  3:11:12:24 10:11:12:24  7:00:00:00    3/3    Sun Oct 25 00:00:00

2 reservations located

The days the reservations are set, do not seem to match the configuration
at all.  What am I doing wrong?

This is using maui-3.2.6p21.

Thanks for any insight on this!

Jan Lindheim

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