[Mauiusers] No automatic node selection

Nicolas Ferré nicolas.ferre at univ-provence.fr
Thu Oct 15 08:41:47 MDT 2009

Jana Uhlirova a écrit :
> Nicolas Ferré wrote:
>> Dear Maui users,
>> If I submit a job with -l nodes=2:ppn=1 -l host=node1+node2, two 
>> processes start on host1 and host2 as I request. However, if I let maui 
>> decide the nodes on which the 2 processes should run, they are always 
>> launched on the same node, hence ignoring my nodes=2 request.
>> Where am I wrong?
> Hi Nicolas,
> use "JOBNODEMATCHPOLICY = EXACTNODE" in maui.conf file. Then Maui will
> allocate a job with resource specification nodes=x:ppn=y exactly on x
> distinct nodes.
> Jana Uhlirova


Unfortunately, after having modified maui.cfg and restarted maui, it 
still runs on a single node. Do you have another idea how to debug that?

By the way, I'm using cpusets.

Nicolas Ferre'
Laboratoire Chimie Provence
Universite' de Provence - France
Tel: +33 491282733

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