[Mauiusers] a strange node

zhyang at lzu.edu.cn zhyang at lzu.edu.cn
Wed Oct 14 19:07:51 MDT 2009


   Our cluster install torque 2.0.0 and maui 3.2.6, everything is ok! But I found a strange node, when I use 'diagnose -n' show the node status is down. 'qstat -an' show the node has been distributed the  one job. I can ssh access to the  node, pbs_mom is ok. A few weeks ago,I found the same phenomena , the only difference is can not distributed by any jobs, I have done nothing, some day the node is normal. anybody meet this problem? or give me some suggestion. Thanks!




   Lan Zhou University
  Email:zhyang at lzu.edu.cn

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